Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Tragic Sacrifice of Christ

Edessa Messiah, one of five sculptures by Ronald Rae exhibited in Rozelle Estate, was influenced by Oceanic Art and shows the monumental head of Christ. The features suggest this could be a black Christ. The idea for the sculpture was also taken from the Turin Shroud that was found at Edessa in Russia.

The set of five, entitled "The Tragic Sacrifice of Christ", was carved in the 1978-80 period after Ronald Rae had a vision to carve a series of granite sculptures which would express his love and concern for humanity.

Fate played its role providing him with four of the five granite blocks that were once part of the Old Harbour in Ayr. Kyle and Carrick District Council kindly sponsored the project.

Using only a hammer and chisel Ronald worked steadily for two years to complete the project. The sculptures were duly installed in the peaceful setting of Rozelle Park.

Photographs of all five sculptures, with notes, can be found at my Flickr account (see sidebar).

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Jackie said...

What a wonderful sculpture - I'd love to see them "in the flesh".