Friday, March 16, 2007

AmDram 04

This photograph is from Act 3 in which Roy and Norma Hubley try to persuade their daughter Mimsey to come out of the bathroom, in which she has locked herself, to get married. Mimsey is afraid that after she and Borden get married, they might eventually become like Roy and Norma - who actually love each other, but bicker all the time.

In this scene Roy, who has just had his rented suit ripped by Norma, is about to climb out the 7th storey window to edge along to the bathroom window and gain entry that way. Mimsey has locked the window of course and Roy just gets wet. It does end happily.

There is a video of the film "Plaza Suite", made with Walter Matthau starring in all 3 male lead roles, which is worth viewing - not as good as our production, but then what could be!

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