Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas Lights

Since it stopped raining for a bit, I managed to get the camera out and took a photograph of the Christmas decorations in Ayr High Street. These are repeated up and down the street. Quite restrained.

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Katya said...

I bet those are really colorful once lit up! I didn't pay much attention to the decorations in Naples...not sure what they had. I rarely travel down that way, much less at night when the decor would be lit up. Canandaigua had some very pretty decorations, albeit simple. They have a median dividing the downtown traffic. In the medians, they placed Chistmas trees in groups of three. Each tree was decorated in only one color of lights...using only red or green sets. The sidewalks in Canandaigua are wide enough that one could handily drive an automobile down them! They have trees planted near the roadway, and those trees (although not conifers) were decked out in white lights only. It was very attractive!