Monday, September 18, 2006

Ayr's Disgrace

This was the theatre which many amateur groups used in Ayr prior to 2002. It was fairly central, of reasonable capacity and, possibly more importantly, at a rate which meant smaller companies could at least break-even in finances.

The Council made comments in 2004 and 2005 concerning the lack of future for the building. What they didn't comment on was where the budget for the theatre for the 5 years previous to the closure were spent - certainly not on the Civic Theatre. Peculiarly enough, asbestos was said to have been discovered in the Theatre immediately prior to closure; however no-one has stated how much was involved.

The Council have concentrated their spend on the Gaiety Theatre, a much larger and much more expensive venue - well out of the reach of most small groups.

There have also been rumours, not denied by the Council, that at least five enquiries have been made by outside parties into taking over the venue for artistic purposes, but these have all been given short shrift.

It rather looks like the Council don't want any competition to 'their' theatre.

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