Sunday, October 01, 2006

Multiple Post

30 September 2006

Cloud Scene

Lots of cloud, but no rain over Kilbrannan Sound.

29 September 2006

From the back

Looking at yesterday’s hills from the other side in Glen Rosa.

28 September 2006

Eye to the Hills

The cloud lifted a little at the head of Glen Sannox.

27 September 2006

Flight Grounded

These birds on Blackwaterfoot beach had had enough of trying to fly in a strong wind: they just sat pointing into the wind.

26 September 2006

The Last Post

This Post Box used to be a foot higher, or rather the road used to be a foot lower.

25 September 2006

Leaving..........................., and staying

Off from the mainland to the Island of Arran for a short break. However we're still in Ayrshire.

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Chris said...

I see you got Ceum na Cailleach without the cloud - well done!