Sunday, October 15, 2006


Those of you who know me are aware that I'm a bit of a railways anorak. It's not really about the rolling-stock, although I'm more than happy to spend time looking at steam locomotives and the like, but more about the disused routes laid by our ancestors.

This photograph is of part of the now vanished line between Monkton and Annbank which used to run across what is now Prestwick Airport runways.

I've titled it sad, because this particular bridge has no function whatsoever now. The road it once supported has been re-aligned and the cutting beyond filled in.


David Farrer said...

I used to watch the planes at the old terminal at Prestwick from the back of the High School (now Academy). The railway line went nearby, if I remember correctly.

Bring back steam engines and DC3s!

Chris said...

Did I in fact know about this aspect of your personality? Hmmmm....

An Honest Man said...


Just so long as the steam engines are not in the DC3s!

You're correct about the railway line and there is another bridge over it almost directly behind the Academy which is till in use as a footbridge. At least it still has a purpose.