Sunday, April 08, 2007

Failford Gorge - Peden's Cove

These sandstone steps, in the side of the river Ayr gorge at Failford, are believed to date from the 17th Century when they were cut out to enable Alexander Peden, a famous Conventer to preach to his congregation on the other side of the river Ayr.

Peden was born in the parish of Sorn, Ayrshire in 1626, educated at Glasgow University and, for a time, became a schoolteacher at Tarbolton before becoming the minister of New Luce Church in Galloway in 1660. He was made to leave this post in 1663 due to his refusal to accept the enforced episcopacy and spent the rest of his life preaching to open-air congregations whilst 'on the run' from Government forces.

Even in death he was not left alone, since Government troops exhumed his body from Auchinleck kirkyard and, after intervention by the Earl of Dumfries who was afraid of rioting, buried him, as a mark of disgrace in their eyes, at the foot of the gallows in Cumnock.

Cumnock old graveyard grew up around the spot, rather defeating the object of the soldiers exercise.


Chris said...

Quite a place! Worth a visit from Argyll?

An Honest Man said...

Take you there when you're next down.

Jackie said...

Lovely shot.

susie said...

I am going to Ayr this weekend to go wild camping and wondered if you knew any lovely coastal parts I could try without the hassle of the National Trust..I was at Croy Shore lately and enjoyed this very much..maybe you know of a similiar spot?? Regrds Susie