Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Straiton again

Another picture of the village of Straiton, this time looking northwards along the main street from the same vantage point. The village Kirk is just down the hill behind the large tree on the center-left.

The white building on the left is the McCandlish Hall.

The photograph was taken from virtually outside the Buck Tearoom - well worth a visit if you are in the area!


Katya said...

Hmmm...."the village Kirk", is that the "village church", or the "village of Kirk"? OK. I am supposing it is the village of Kirk. (I am paying attention, as I now know that the word "kirk" means "church".) Glory! I homeschool my kids and I so vividly remember the lesson when they learned the way "ship" was derived from one origin...ummm...I forget which language. But, it became "skip", "schip", and others. The kids had to learn these for a test. Me, being very left-handed, became very cross-eyed trying to remember! Thus, when it comes to language other than "English", language makes me languISH!

An Honest Man said...

The village church!

Katya said...

Well you got me on this one! I should have known!