Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The village of Straiton is considered by many as the prettiest in Ayrshire, even managing to look good on a fairly bleak day like today. This view is looking southwards along the main street towards where the old manse stands, at the opposite end of the village from the church!

High on the hill behind you can make out the monument to Hunter-Blair. It's a steep climb up to it, but on a good day the views are outstanding.


Katya said...

Aha! As an American, I need to use the dictionary from time to time....amazing how the English is so different "across the pond"! I did discover that a manse refers to a "rectory"? That would explain your reference to the church being across town!
I am awestruck..."Main Street, USA" conjures up visuals of businesses with people hurriedly shuffling about to and fro...not just New York City, but small cities as well.
I love the pristine look of Straiton..so pure, so simple!
Methinks the US is too "busy"! (I live in a tiny town of about 5,000)

An Honest Man said...

Lets add a few more words then!

I should have referred to the 'Kirk' (Dutch derivation?) rather than the Church and the covenanters would be 'birlin' in their graves at equating a manse with a rectory.

I admit that they serve the same basic purpose, but 'manse' is Presbyterian and 'rectory' is Anglican.

Almost every hamlet, village, town, city has a Main Street and even sometimes a road with no habitation at all is called Main Street.