Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ayrshire Coalmining - 02

In contrast to yesterday's photograph, Rankinston, which is only 4 miles from Drongan, has not fared so well. It may be sited amidst beautiful countryside, but it is up a dead-end road and so gets no through traffic.

The only signs of it's reason for existence, the spoil tips, are slowly being levelled and removed for other land-fill purposes. This is the only bing (a good Scottish word) still visible and even for that you have to go a mile or so away.

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Katya said...

What a pity that a town situated in such a gorgeous setting is not doing well for itself...I did notice everyone has their "dish" aimed at the satellite, though! hehe...I have been bookmarking things Scottish to explain to me various things "Scottish" to deepen my understanding of things such as the word "bing"! So, now I know!

I remember when I was so riveted to the James Herriot books. I loved those books so dearly, and took to doing things to throw others over the telling my dad he needed to check under my "bonnet". Funny how we speak the saem language, but have our own "isms". Makes for fun!

I will never forget in Philadelphia, I met a woman from England. She told her (French) husband to grab her a nappy as she was changing her son's "diaper". I couldn't understand WHY she would need a "napkin"?

Ah,the joys of English!!!