Friday, August 31, 2007


The village of Dalrymple splits into two parts. The first, of which there are two photographs of part of below, dates back to around the 1800's when it was supporting an agricultural community.

The second part is mainly council housing which was set up mid 1900s to cater for the ex-mining communities which were dying on their feet. I say mainly, because again there is now significant development of private housing.


Katya said...

The buildings in these pictures are really "quaint"! I could not imagine living quite that close to the highway, but all of the flowers certainly add some color!
The name "Dalrymple" shows up as a surname here even now and again. I wonder if perhaps those with that name had ancestors from this area?

Katya said...

And, speaking of surnames, I went to the "the dale of the crooked water" website, and poked about some. I found it rather interesting in looking at the names on gravestones:

The second line contains a "Margaret McKelvie". My great grandmother was a wee tiny woman whose family came to the United States from Ireland. Her name was Hope McKelvey.

An Honest Man said...

There was a large cross-over between Ireland and Scotland during several periods in 'recent' history,