Monday, July 09, 2007

Arran again

Today's photographs are of the standing stones on Machrie Moor.

There are many explanations of why the stone circles were built, including the links above, but the astronomical ones tend to ignore the facts that
  1. the heavens are no longer in the same positions are they were when the stones were erected,
  2. the topography of the surrounding hills has also changed and the various gullies and cuts have been eroded from their original positions, and
  3. the ground on which the sites were erected has changed and may well have caused slight movement on the base positions of the sites.
It doesn't detract from the sheer wonder of how the makers of these sites managed to achieve what they did.


Katya said...

What beautiful scenery. And, it really is mind-boggling that these stones seem to be defying gravity!

An Honest Man said...

There is a fair amount of each stone below ground level as well!