Sunday, July 29, 2007


Everyone should look up as they walk around towns!

These faces are high-up on the front of an otherwise relatively plain building on the High Street in Ayr.

I hadn't registered them before although I must have seen them a thousand times. I also found it interesting that, as I stood and photographed them, other folk stopped to see what I was doing and then started talking about the faces as well. Have I started something?


Katya said...

Oh, I do so agree with you! When I was attending a local community college in our town, (oh, so MANY years ago!!) I used to walk about 3 miles each way. I had the means to ride the bus, or I could have even ridden my bicycle, but I so enjoyed looking at homes and buildings all along the way. My family used to tease me about being a voyeur as I love looking AT houses...not IN them. Perhaps I missed my calling as an architect?
Thank you for the view. I love seeing little *special* things like that. One of these days, I need to travel to one of the nearby cities, as I know there are interesting structures there as well!
Hmmmm...perhaps I found a kindred spirit who understands my love of the unexpected and unusual!!!

Chris said...

If I were to walk around Dunoon in such a manner I would stand in all manner of unmentionable horrors. It's eyes down, I'm afraid!

Sorlil said...

It's a must do in Glasgow city centre where there are plenty of interesting architectural oddities above head height.

An Honest Man said...

chris, I didn't mean permanently, but you don't need to keep them fixed on the pavement either!

sorlil, Agreed - Glasgow is well worth looking at.