Saturday, July 28, 2007


Although our Buddleia is a little later in flowering this year than others in gardens round about, it still makes a good show.

Of all the variety of colours it comes in, this is my particular favourite.


Chris said...

There's a great 3D effect on the top two flowers - is this to do with depth of field or summat?

An Honest Man said...

Yes, although it was accidental in this case so I can't claim any credit!

Katya said...

Beautiful bushes!!! I have three in front of my house. Two are the color of yours, and one is a paler purple. They are *just* beginning to flower now.
My poor bushes are about 4 years old and are so scraggly. I read to prune them back to about 6" in the late autumn. I did that previously, but this year, I left them alone. I wish they would fill out, but I guess perhaps my yard is too shaded...There is a bush on the nearby lake that is so big and FULL!!!!