Friday, May 18, 2007


This photograph was taken this morning from the deck of a Royal Naval vessel in the Holy Loch off the River Clyde.

Our birding class had gone up to Faslane to meet up with a Police Sergeant who works there, but is also a well know birding enthusiast. He had arranged a 2.5 hour sail to allow us to get close to marine birds: he hadn't anticipated the weather we had. Not a large number of birds wanted to be flying in the conditions. However, in between the strong showers, we did get to see some.

Faslane itself is home to a huge population of Eider Ducks

We had also hoped to see Hen Harriers, black grouse and possibly short eared owls up on the moors, but they were being sensible and keeping their heads down.

But still a very enjoyable day!


Jackie said...

Ooh lovely, even with the dreich weather!

Chris said...

Rather a turn-around from Mrs HM's previous experience of the navy and the Holy Loch!

Sorlil said...

A wild day for bird watching, for sure!