Tuesday, May 01, 2007

East Lugtonridge Garden

Today I've been in North Ayrshire buying herbaceous plants - a subject on which my knowledge is verging on non-existent.

I was at East Lugtonridge Garden (map), a private plant nursery based at the former dairy farm of the same name, run by the 'retired' wife of the 'retired' farmer who just need something to do! It sells rare and unusual herbaceous plants all propagated by the owner. It also has a garden which is a joy to be in. [It is NOT a garden centre.]

Well worth a trip - the welcome is exceptional, the knowledge and advice given, when asked for, extensive and suited to the listener and the plants are of very fine quality (without the very high price tag which frequently accompanies that).

With their permission, I've included a few photographs of the garden (and I might at some future date include some photographs of the plants I bought!)

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