Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Millport, Cumbrae

This is a photograph of Millport taken from the Ayrshire coast just beside Hunterston Nuclear Power Station which was closed in 1990 and is currently being decommissioned.

I used my Sony camera with the big lens, with an octopus tripod wrapped round a rail and a cable release to minimise blurring from camera shake. I think I managed fairly well


Katya said...

What a terrific shot! And, with all that you had to do to get it, it really is good! My cell phone takes a terrible picture. Thanks for sharing about the tripod. I saw those and wondered if they really worked or not. Sounds like a great *gadget* to have in one's bag!!!

An Honest Man said...

The tripods are great. You'll need the larger size for a DSLR, but the smaller size will handle the normal digital cameras.