Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Home - Wild Life 2

Yesterday was a first. The first Red Squirrel to visit the garden - well the first one we've actually seen!

It was busy hoovering up the bird seed on the table and munching on the hanging fat balls. We watched it through the kitchen window (explains the slight distortion on some of the photos) for about 10 mins without worrying it in the least.


Sorlil said...

what lovely pictures, some length of claws on it.

Katya said...

Wow! Sorlil is right...look at the digits on that rodent!!! There used to be red squirrels in the region where I previously lived, but I've not seen them here. As a sidenote, one day when the children and I were walking in the woods, we came upon a flying squirrel. It was very unusual with the biggest eyes you could imagine!
Very beautiful shots!

An Honest Man said...

Needs a manicurist!

Chris said...

Brill pics!