Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Italy - Puglia - Conversano

The morning after we arrived we went to the nearest town called Conversano (the website is an automatic translation, but you'll get the idea!) about 3 Km from the Agriturismo. The first photo is of the castle.

We then continued to walk around the old town and took the next 2 photos since they appealled to us.

By this time we realised something was going on - bands playing etc. - and discovered it was first communion with a parade of the local relicts acconpanied by all and sundry including the bishop.....

...... and local bigwigs, although some of them were having conversations on the mobile phones.

I've actually got about 31 photos from here - it was quite a spectacle - which will be posted on Flickr in due course.

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Katya said...

Your photos are so lovely...very colorful, and they seem to catch the excitement of the day! Very nicely done, for sure! I do not understand much about the Catholic religion. My FIL was Roman Catholic and there were many things he said that I just didn't understand! Ah well...Funny about the cell phones. Everywhere you go, you see people talking on them. Makes me wonder what we did BEFORE cells....(smile!)