Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Italy - Puglia - Spongano (Palazzo Bacile)

We now arrive at where we stayed for the final week of our holiday, and, though I'm not being paid for it, I intend to give this place the most enormous plug.

Palazzo Bacile di Castiglione in Spongano is, without reservation, one of the nicest places I have ever stayed in. The owners, Baron Alessandro and his wife Sarah, and their caretaker Giuseppe are among the nicest and kindest people you could meet and the accommodation is to highest standard.

I think there is a soporific drug in the air - this is probably the most restful place I know.

Spongano itself makes no pretence to be a tourist resort; it is a working village, but almost all of the people we met were very friendly and helpful. It is however, an excellent centre for exploring the heel of Italy.

Let me be quite clear, Palazzo Bacile di Castiglione is a place that you MUST stay at.

The first photograph is of the courtyard in front of Casotto Barone which we stayed in on our visit in 2005. The Casotto is just beyond the umbrella.

This is the Casotto Martino where we stayed this year - and yes that's a pre-prandial drink.

That day I also took 2 evening photographs. The first of a superbly shaped tree (the daylight version is also on Flickr).

I think this photograph turned out rather well. It obviously was taken before we finished the wine!

Apart from the usual birds around (including an incredible number of magpies) we were entertained by bats (don't know which type) and by Scops Owls which have a gentle call, but are otherwise silent - no wing sound at all.

Just in case you haven't got my meaning -

YOU MUST STAY AT Palazzo Bacile di Castiglione.


Sorlil said...

The place looks beautiful - kind of fairytale-ish, was able to spot the photographer's reflection in the 2nd pic and learned a new word - prandial - I'll casually drop it in a conversation tomorrow!

annulla said...

That twilight shot of the tree is stunning. Looks like a wonderful place.

Jackie said...

Don't sit on the fence there, tell us what you really thought of it! ;)

An Honest Man said...

Jackie, just in case you didn't understand, YOU MUST VISIT THIS PLACE.

(Sorry - I just had to say it again!!)

An Honest Man said...

Sorlil, well spotted; I hadn't noticed.

James said...

I am staying at this place in 3 weeks time. My friend is getting married in Spongano and we have the place to ourselves, can't wait!!!