Sunday, June 24, 2007

Italy - Puglia - Porto Selvaggio

The final two Italian pictures come from the west coast of 'the heel' overlooking the Mar Ionio.

The National Park at Porto Selvaggio is quite something and stretches between two watchtowers on that coast.

It is a rocky coastline, but the waters are crystal clear and made for swimming. The rocks don't put off the locals who seem to have a penchant for baking themselves in the mid-day sun. Obviously it's not just the English!

The picture of the watchtower "Torre dell'Alto" (Torre actually means watchtower), one of the most photographed in Puglia, was taken from the beach. I read somewhere - can't track it down now - that it was supposed to have been opened to visitors by now, but that bureaucratic wrangling has caused the date to slip and slip.

However it was here that we heard and saw the Hoopoe (Upupa) which we'd wanted to get all that holiday. Just made our day.


Gerald England said...

what a fascinating and varied holiday you seem to have had -- thanks for sharing it.

Katya said...

Funny...there was an Italian man who used to live near us.. his last name was Salvaggio. I suppose that name was derived from this port! Beautiful pictures!