Sunday, June 17, 2007

Italy - Puglia - Lecce

And so further south to the beautiful city of Lecce.

The first two photographs are of the bell-tower of the Cathedral; one during the day, one at night.

I took the photo since it amused me. Look at the enlarged version and check the cherub under the feet of the statue. I'll bet the mason enjoyed himself.

A mention for a restaurant you shouldn't miss if you are in Lecce - Mamma Lupa - limited menu, but good cooking, good service and great ambiance.

Continuing in the eating and drinking mode, we stopped at this bar for morning coffee (honestly), but what made it very interesting to me was ......

......... this painting hung behind the bar.


Chris said...

Great cherub!

Katya said...

In looking at the photo with the cute little cherub, I could not believe all of the detail on that building! There are so many "faces" incorporated there!!! Wow! I have never seen anything like this at all. In fact, last week, I took a picture of a bank here that had such beautiful work...HA!! It fades dimly, compared to the beautiful images in your picture...Amazing the work people did in the past.......Makes me appreciate *our* Creator's works all the more!!!!