Friday, June 15, 2007

Italy - Puglia - Egnazia

South of Monopoli going towards Brindisi, you come across the archeological excavation of the abandoned Roman town of Egnazia (several different spelling exist). It is believed that the site has been built on since 16th Century before Christ. The site does have signboards in Italian and English, so you can begin to understand the layout of the various basilicas (basilici?) and public buidlings. It is quite impressive, but so are a lot of the sites in Italy!

The first two photos show the general layout of the site.

The third photo is of the the older road around which the town was built; the Via Traiana, an alternate route of the Via Appia from Benevento to Brindisi. This is in white limestone and you can see the ruts of the carts which travelled along it. It is said that Horace traveled on it in 38 BC on his famous trip from Brindisi to Rome.

The town was supposedly abandoned in the 10th century due to repeated invasions by the Goths.

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Sorlil said...

the clouds are fantastic, a nice addition to the ruins.