Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Away Day

I'm sure that Grant will forgive my trespassing on his area for a very limited time, but I thought you might like the following photograph of Edinburgh Castle taken last Monday evening.

Later the same night, while we were waiting for a bus, we listened to the Group Simple Minds performing in Princes Street Gardens. I tried to take a photograph of the stage from a moving bus and the following interesting result ensued.


Chris said...

Gorgeous pic of the castle; the other one is like a nightmare visit to an eye clinic!

Grant F said...

I'll let you off...but if you steal my thunder again!! great pic of the castle...always a gorgeous sight.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how things like this turn out. I took some of the Blackpool illuminations a couple of years back and they were mostly unviewable -- but I turned one or two into black-and-white [using Paintshop Pro] and got some startling results.