Friday, August 11, 2006

Starter for 10

No, it isn't my humble dwelling, but Culzean Castle, a property owned by the National Trust for Scotland.

Are you a member? If you live in Scotland and are not, why not? It would be worth it at 3 times the cost!

This estate plus castle is just down the road from us (self and wife) and we're to be found here quite frequently walking on the cliff paths (more later).

The estate gets quite busy, but most folk stay close to the car parks and miss the beauty that a relatively short walk would provide.

[Just notice I've put myself before my wife - I'm in the doghouse for that!]


Grant F said...

gorgeous castle on a gorgeous day. looks like i get the honour of having the first comment on your new photo site bill. looking forwrad to seeing more pics from ayrshire.

Chris said...

I like the incentive of meeting you two if we visit there! A beguiling picture.....

And welcome to the blogging world!

Morag Macdonald said...

As a former Prestwick inhabitant I spent many happy childhood Sundays down at Culzean. I always liked a walk round the Swan pond and the cliff top walk. Ah the memories