Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Sticking with yesterday's nautical theme, here is a picture of the last sea-going paddle steamer Waverley as she enters Ayr harbour yesterday for the last time this season.

{23/08/06 Mea Culpa - I've been told the last sailing from Ayr this season is next Monday, 28/08/06.}

The sound of her paddles 'slapping' the water, especially when changing from forward to reverse, has to be heard to be believed.

I've loaded my full set of Waverley pictures of yesterday on Flickr.

In my youth, which wasn't yesterday, there were still several boats which went cruising 'doon the watter' during the summer and that was well past the heyday of the Clyde Steamers racing each other to get to the pier first.

As a slight contrast

the modern cruising population likes it's comfort!


duffy said...

The Waverly is immense! It's the only boat that uses Dunoon's very own break-water, which i think is a hoot, considering it is the oldest ship on the clyde. Beautiful pictures, once again!

Anonymous said...

Last time I was on the Waverely was about ten years ago and she was sailing in Bristol Channel from Penarth across to Weston and back.

Helen said...

I think I went on the waverly about 12 years ago, it was an evening out, across the Bristol Channel to Weston from Penarth and back. My dad took my sister and I out for a couple of hours and I remember there were no chip shops open when we got there!