Tuesday, August 15, 2006

St. John's Tower

One of the prominent features in Ayr is St John's Tower, a survivor from the 15th century!

The tower was an addition to the original circa 1300 kirk of Ayr in which the nobility and Parliament of Scotland officially passed the crown to Robert The Bruce at a specially convened meeting.

Although what is reputed to have been as most magnificent church was demolished, this ancient tower remains intact and looks better able to continue to do so than many of its more modern counterparts!

It was also here that Cromwell established himself and commanded most of Scotland; building a garrison fort for his troops. Part of the walls of the fort remain in place.

The tower is only open to visitors on a few days each year.


Xen said...

Where is that? I don't recognise it from the photograph and I feel that I should.

I reckon it should be raining with you today.. it is here anyway and it's coming from your direction anyway...

duffy said...

Can you share what is inside this monument, or is it simply a set of stairs?

duffy said...

PS - again *fabby* weather! We're meant to have a storm today. Let's hope not!

An Honest Man said...

Claire: it's down behind Riverbank Nursery.

Duffy: From memory, there are three empty rooms of a reasonable size with the stair connecting them. The photograph was taken yesterday - 14th. Today has been cloudy with very occasional light spots of rain.

Anonymous said...

Found your photo blog just today - This photo certainly brings back memories. My husband and I are from Canada but we went to Scotland to get married this past summer and we stayed at Dunlay house B&B in the days leading up to the wedding. Dunlay is just around the corner from St John's Tower.