Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Wallace Tower

Ayr's Wallace Tower is a neo-gothic structure (113 feet in height) re-built in 1834 and replacing the original tower which had been acquired by the Town Council in 1673 from the Cathcart family of Corbieston. It is not clear how the Wallace name originated, but the tower has, on the front, a statue of William Wallace by the local self-taught sculptor, Sir James Thom (1802 - 1850).

The 'new' tower still uses the clock which was referred to by Burns in his poem, The Brigs of Ayr (1786).

"The drowsy Dungeon-clock had number'd two,
and Wallace Tower had sworn the fact was true:"

William Wallace (c1270 - 1305) is considered one of Scotland's heroes, 13th century leader of the Scottish forces in the struggle to free Scotland from English domination. Depending on your point of view, either a patriot or a terrorist.

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Chris said...

And, depending on your movie star, a hero with a Paisley accent .....?