Thursday, August 24, 2006


Another 2 for 1 offer today!

The first photograph was taken by me on 17 August 2006 just outside Girvan. Although there are no machines in site, you can tell by the size of the rolls (approximately half a ton weight) the level of mechanization required for this type of farming.

The second photograph was taken by one of my late parents-in-law at an unknown location not long before the start of World War 2.

Now I'm not one to yearn for nostalgia (!) and I know the demands for production are much higher now, but does anyone else long for the slower, quieter (and more eco-friendly) farm methods back then?

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Chris said...

Something I really miss is the sound on a warm evening of a push-along cylinder grass mower. I don't know that I miss pushing one, though!