Monday, August 21, 2006

Boat Ahoy

Well, yesterday late morning and afternoon turned out to be much better weather than expected.

So much so that we went to the RSPB reserve at Lochwinnoch. I didn't include any ph0tographs from there since
  1. it is not in Ayrshire,
  2. there weren't many birds to see and
  3. the ones you could see were miles away.

From Lochwinnoch we went to Largs in North Ayrshire and I took this photograph of the Largs to Isle of Cumbrae ferry arriving to discharge its load at Largs.

Although Cumbrae isn't in Ayrshire either, I'll probably, sometime in the future, post some photographs from there as well, as the only transport route to the island is through Ayrshire.


dutchie said...

Can't help looking at a boat like that and think of an accident.

duffy said...

The have the same wee boat to the Isle of Bute. Costs a fortune and takes just over a minute. Look forward to more photos!

PS - Dutchie, is it because of the ramp lowering while still in the water, or did you have a trauma?

Chris said...

Is Cumbrae not administratively in Ayrshire? It is, of course, part of the Episcopal Diocese of Argyll and The Isles!