Monday, September 10, 2007

Autumn.... or not

Whilst many trees around are beginning to show decided signs of Autumn, this flowering one just down the road from us seems convinced it is still high summer.


Katya said...

What a splendid treat! That bush must be super-hardy! It is so beautiful against the bricks of the house.
I am just beginning to notice some color in the woods, although I have found some brightly colored leaves on the ground already.
The BEST part is, it has cooled off to MUCH more bearable temps!
Breathe in deeply and....ahhhhhh....oh, how I love autumn!!!!

andrew said...

ah the fine september mornings that i miss from Scotland , early morning frost and the nights starting to draw in.instead im stuck here in the mid 90s. only get two seasons here in the south east USA hot and hotter lol
looks like you may be up maybole rd area just a wild guess lol

An Honest Man said...

Close Andrew - actually The Loaning.