Thursday, September 06, 2007


But of the friendly sort. 3 Russian naval vessels are to be seen anchored off Ayr and giving the crew a little shore leave. They are here for the Varyag commemorations, including the free open-air Russian/Scottish concert to be held in Stair Park, Girvan on Saturday 8 September between 1400 hrs and 1700 hrs. Unfortunately I'm otherwise occupied or I'd be there taking photos!


Katya said...

I saw that event on the Southern Ayrshire calendar link you sent yesterday.
Well, I have a bit of Scottish (Irish?) in my bloodlines, and my father is Ukrainian, so this would be an interesting mix!!!
Ah, too bad you cannot attend. I would imagine there would be some good photo opportunities!

Anonymous said...

that photograph reminded me of the russian klondykers (factory ships) that used to frequent the firth of forth during the summer months back in the seventies.