Thursday, September 27, 2007


Apologies for the delays in posting, but my download connection from my camera to my laptop was playing up.

From Belgium we drove down to Luxembourg {the Country} to visit my sister. The following photographs were taken in Luxembourg City in Luxembourg. {You need to be specific as there is a province of Belgium called Luxembourg which borders the Country - can be very confusing}


Katya said...

Your photos are fabulous!

I really love the fountain in the first...water streaming from musical instruments is too much! I am unsure how the sheep and children tie in? It almost looks as though it is a play on a nursery rhyme.

The buildings are so beautiful, as is all the scenery.

Thank you for the wonderful my wanderlust is flaming!!!!

Chris said...

How lovely it looks! I had no idea...
Wish I could pop over and join you.

An Honest Man said...

katya, your guess is as good as mine since I don't know Luxembourgeois nursery rhymes.

Chris, You's like it.