Friday, September 21, 2007

Yes Arran

It's been another fairly 'yucky' day here again, so I've posted a photo of Arran taken from the cliff-top walk at Culzean a couple of days ago. Once again, the mysterious Isle haunts me!

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Katya said...

Ah, "yucky" days just make us appreciate the nice days that much more! hehehe

I can see the "mystique" of Arran. It looks distant and very aloof with that "fogginess"! It is almost as though it is mysteriously rising up out of the fog!!! The blue of the water is really intense!

I always loved reading stories about Ireland and Scotland because of the mention of the water. For us, the closest ocean is the Atlantic, and it is in NYC. That is a bit of a hike! There is something about the water that is so romantic...I guess that is part of the draw of Scotland. Castles...ocean...ah! One of these days, I WILL see the UK firsthand!!!