Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Culzean again

A far better day today and we yomped around the grounds of Culzean (pronounced Cullaine) Castle which was looking good. The first photograph is from the North and the second of the fountain in full flow.


Jackie said...

I still have never made it to Culzean - I think it will probably have closed for the winter by the time I'm back in the country. One for next year's To Do list, I think.

Sorlil said...

lovely pic of the fountain.

An Honest Man said...


The castle is open until 31st Oct. The grounds are open all year.

Katya said...

As I enlarged the picture of the castle, I just sat here thinking I cannot believe that such buildings exist! Sure, we have mansions and very large homes around, but these castles just have such a mystique to them.

The fountain picture is wonderful!

Oh, and so sorry for your dreich weather. Our own has returned to summer! BLECH! Give me autumn...phooey....give me WINTER!

An Honest Man said...

The trouble is that here in Ayrshire we do not get much winter. Remember we have palm trees growing round here as a result of the Gulf Stream coming from you. Mind you the experts are predicting that will change with global warming as the Labrador current will push the Gulf Stream further South.

Katya said...

Well, our winters here the past couple of years have been MISERABLE! I would rather have a fullblown, robust winter than a mousy sprinkling of snow here and there. If it is going to be winter, it might as well snow! Rain and cold just make me shiver! Freezing rain is the pits!

PALM trees? For real? I had no idea! Our Pacific Northwest (Washington and Oregon) have mild winters with the temps rarely getting cold enough to really snow. (well, near the ocean, at least.) Once past the Cascade Mountains, the snow and cold are more "normal" for that latitude.
I had no idea that Scotland had weather so mild...Are the northern regions colder? Gads. More geography lessons!!!!