Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ayr Holy Fair

Once again South Ayrshire Council excelled itself by delaying the announcement of funding for this event. This follows the pattern of quite a few of the previous years, but this was the longest delay yet.

Normally the Fair is held around the beginning of July. Perhaps they were hoping that by holding it at a different time they would reduce the crowds attending and so justify not funding it in future years. If so they were badly disappointed!

[Erratum - 6 Sep 2007: As my wife was very quick to point out, I should have said beginning of June, not July.]

There was also a pipe-band competition this year. I love hearing the pipes, but to have one playing whilst three others were practicing different tunes within hearing distance was disconcerting to day the least.

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Katya said...

Oh, how I love to hear the pipes!!!
When we have Scottie get-togethers, there is always a piper there to begin the festivities.
I do believe it would be rather confusing to have three bands all playing in close proximity, however!
I am glad there was a great turnout, and looks as though all had a good time!