Friday, October 19, 2007


Today's photograph is of the Alloway Old (15th Century) Bridge in the background and New Bridge (1816)in the foreground.

The Old Bridge is immortalised in the poem Tam O'Shanter by Robert Burns; this saved it from demolition at the time the New Bridge was built.

The photograph was taken from the bridge built to carry the Ayr / Turnberry / Girvan Light Railway


Andrew said...

i love the autumn colours in these photos , the bridge that you took these from was a place i frequented as a youth , i used to go right along that track a the way to dunure hunting rabbits with my ferrets and .22 air rifle. i remember the old steam train that used to sit in the old butlins hotel and the talk of opening up that railway track once again but alas it never happened. later in life i helped demolish that old hotel it was a sorry site when i seen it but you could see the splendour it must have had in its prime.

Katya said...

(sizzle, sizzle, sizzle....)

Don't mind the smoke. It will soon clear. It is just my BRAIN cooling down a bit after lack of use. Trying to decipher Mr. Burns's Olde Scottish/English was mental gymnastics! The hyperlinks to the definitions was great, but most of those words I had already figured. There were a few others that I was not sure about!

The bridges are very beautiful, by the way!

An Honest Man said...

The track has been tarmac covered from Alloway Station to the Dunure Road as an offshoot of the National Cycle Track giving access to the Burns' Sites.