Monday, October 08, 2007

Heidelberg - more

Apologies for the missing days, but I had problems....

I'm back at home, but will post some of the photographs from our travels.

Barge on the river Neckar

Church of the Holy Ghost



Katya said...

Welcome home, world traveler! I missed seeing your pictures!
Heidelberg looks like a very lovely place! Nice to travel vicariously!

It is interesting looking at all the rooflines...seems like various areas of the world have unique-to-the-area architecture. Well, except here in the good old US of A
where most anything goes!!! Speaking of which...there is a new home going up about 20 miles from here that is an underground home. Not exactly my idea of "home,sweet home", but Mark thinks it is the cat's meow...

I really like the barge picture. It is cool, because there is so much to see there!

Can't wait to see more!

An Honest Man said...

Remember that if you click on the flickr box at the righthand side, you will be taken to my flickr account where there are more photos from the trip posted.