Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Calm Doon

........... or in this case, anything but.

I took this picture outside the Brig O'Doon House Hotel just after a night of heavy rain. This stretch of the river is just visible in some of the earlier photos of the River Doon taken upstream from the railway bridge.

The river is not as calm and gentle as it was then!


Katya said...

That gazebo looks so inviting! Even with the water swelling up and rushing by, rapidly! A very nice picture!

Living on a slope as we do, it is important that we inspect all of our ditches and gutters when we get a downpour. We have a sweet little seasonal stream that runs through our front "yard". (the woods) One time, I had to go and remove many, many round stones from a culvert that the stream runs through. It was in the spring, and that water was FRIGID!
Mark always tells me that when it comes to running water, man doesn't stand a chance...water is that powerful!

Katya said...

Oh, and I think that must sound so Scottish....

I can hear myself yelling, "CALM DOON!!!!" hehehe