Friday, October 12, 2007


One of the reasons for taking the car over to the continent was to pick up some Luxembourg wine. These are the labels from the boxes I brought back, having bought the wine at the winery.

Almost all Luxembourg wine is consumed within Luxembourg or the border areas surrounding it. The Cru designation shown on the label is awarded to that particular production for that year from that vineyard, as opposed to the French system where the Cru is awarded to a vineyard.

We like it.


Katya said...

Oh dear...a bit of a journey for that vino, eh? hehehe
I know so little of wine, as I am a "Pepsi-holic". Not too good for the "innards", but alas, that is my vice. So painful to expose...

Our "local" winery here is rather interesting, as they make not only "regular" wine, but also Kosher.

It sounds like the Luxembourg wine is quite the treasure! Enjoy!

An Honest Man said...

We shall!!!