Thursday, October 18, 2007

Old Fashioned

A different style of photograph today. I get the chains for my chainsaw here; an old fashioned business in the best sense of the word. Tom Holliday supplies and services chainsaws, grass mowers, strimmers - you can see just a few of them in the photograph - etc..

It looks chaotic, but it is not and you can't beat the friendly and knowledgeable service. It's always at a very reasonable price as well.


Katya said...

Your photo brings back so many memories...

In another life, I used to live in the country, just "up the hill" from a chainsaw business. I worked at the business oftimes when the owners were busy. The place looked VERY much like Tom Holliday's!

The people that owned The Saw Barn were a couple, and the wife was nearly as knowledgeable as the husband. She could take a saw apart and repair it quite handily.

I loved that couple. He was electrocuted at work, and she passed away several years later from cancer. Bruce and Edie are VERY missed...

Now, please tell me that your choice in Chainsaws is a Husqvarna!
(although Stihls are excellent, as well!)

An Honest Man said...

Tom is the local stockist for Husqvarna, but I'm not into such professional equipment! I've got a small electric motor Bosch which is perfectly capable of handling the small light sawing jobs I need to do.

Tom used to have a two-handed petrol driven chain saw in the shop. I'd hate to think of the diameter of the tree they cut with it!