Monday, October 22, 2007

Newark Castle

Today's photo is of Newark Castle, which is still a private residence; thus the distance shot rather than a close-up.



Katya said...

What a beautiful setting! Can you imagine living in such large quarters? I am such a daydreamer, I would probably get lost and it would take forever to find my way back to where I was supposed to be!

Anonymous said...

i so know this place my mum and dads friends used to work on the farm that belonged to the castle which at the time belonged to a mrs walker i know the grounds well they are well worth the visit

Anonymous said...

Would "anonymous" of October 25 know anything or anyone else who used to work at Newark Castle. My grandfather and grandmother lived there as he was gamekeeper and I would love to know more about the people that lived there as I am trying to trace my family history
Many thanks

An Honest Man said...

Andrew - can you contact me directly at


Anonymous said...

There is so many pheasants there!