Wednesday, October 17, 2007

River Clyde

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In order to go on the Waverley sail, we had crossed over the Clyde from Gourock to Dunoon on the Cal-Mac car ferry. The following three photographs were taken from the ferry Jupiter as we sailed back from Dunoon to Gourock in the gathering dusk.

This is a picture of the opposition Western Ferries boat with the Holy Loch in the background.

Looking over the stern of the Jupiter to see the sun setting over Argyll.

A picture in the fading evening light of the tranquil entrance to Loch Long.


Katya said...

Well, as I said before, your photos speak "mystical", or perhaps even "surreal" to me! They are so beautiful!

The hills surrounding your "lochs" (that would be "lakes" here?) remind me so much of the ones surrounding Canandaigua Lake.

A great set of photos!

An Honest Man said...

Yes, loch = lake. In this case they are both sea lochs, that is salt water, rather than fresh water lochs.