Sunday, October 21, 2007


Let me immediately confess that I have absolutely no idea what sort of fungus this is - that's one of the many areas of ignorance I have. So if anyone can identify please do.

There were three or four of them at the edge of a park area beside the road, looking for all the world like small white pegs.


Katya said...

Well, I know precious little regarding fungi, either. Although I sometimes refer to Mark as a Funguy!!! hehehe

I did a Google search and found this. There are so many beautiful fungi and mushrooms!

Perhaps your find was Coprinus Comatus?

Your photo is very lovely. The textures of the leaves, grass, and fungi add great well as the colors!

An Honest Man said...

You might well b correct -but I don't think I'll try eating it!

Katya said...

Nor would I!!!

My paternal grandfather and grandmother emigrated here from Ukraine in 1907. My grandfather used to go into the woods and gather "wild mushrooms" for the family. My father never ate any and to this day, when he sees a mushroom, he turns his nose up at it!

I am too chicken to eat much of anything other than things that are sold at the grocer's! But, even portabella mushrooms make me squeamish!

An Honest Man said...

I actually love mushrooms.