Thursday, November 01, 2007

Autumn or Winter

The weather is decidedly dreich today, so I took a photo at the front of the house. Not sure whether we're still in Autumn or have moved to Winter.


Katya said...

Our forecast was for a dark, dreary, dismal, drizzly, dank, doggone day. Would that qualify for "dreaich"? (smile)

In reality, we are experiencing some very nice sunshine amidst the cloudy covering. The temperature is about 45 degrees fahrenheit, so it is chilly, but so beautifully refreshing! I should be cutting firewood, but, alas, Mark is doing paperwork, and is too terrified to send me into the woods with chainsaw without him.

And, if I might ask, what exactly differentiates Scottish Autumn from Winter? Our answer here is quite simple...."S-N-O-W"!

Katya said...

Oops...dunno HOW that "a" ended up in dreich!