Monday, November 19, 2007


I had thought that an observation hide was meant to
1. hide you from the birds you were observing and
2. hide, at least to some degree, itself from the birds as well.

You'll see from this photograph that it isn't the case here. There are some neatly camouflaged low hides at Caerlaverock, but also a couple of towers like this one.

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Katya said...

Oh wow...that building is hardly "hidden"! It resembles a prison security tower! Come to think of it, a security tower would afford a great opportunity to observe, though!

I have never really visited an aviary "observatory". Shameful, as my hometown has a wonderful place that commemorates Roger Tory Peterson, who was a naturalist and did much work with birds and animals.

I guess one day when the kids are grown, and I have some time on my hands, I will be able to do some "extracurricular" activities.

So grateful for my little visitor, yesterday. I don't think I ever had a "hands-on" experience quite like that one before!