Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fullarton House

Fullarton House, designed in the "Adam" style, was erected by William Fullarton in 1745. Louis Napoleon is said to have stayed there, and Robert Burns, who was an admirer of Colonel Fullarton, possibly visited as a guest.It was purchased by Troon Town Council in 1928, but the house was allowed to fall into a poor state of repair and was demolished in 1966.

All that remains are two pillars, one of which is shown in the photograph.

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Katya said...

My first response is that it seems a shame the estate was allowed to go to ruin. But, in reading through the link you provided, perhaps it offers a delightful diversion to many folks. As I read about the trees and flowers,along with the various sport areas, I would say that the place isn't a total loss! For it would give people like me a great retreat to just sit and dream about the past! Which isn't *always* a bad thing!!