Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ayr surroundings

Taken from the same spot as the last two photographs, these two serve to show the extent of Ayr Bay and the Firth of Clyde.

The first is a little to the west of Ayr and shows the coast line up through Irvine and beyond up to the Cumbraes.

The second is even further west looking over towards Arran.


Katya said...

I know that people who cannot appreciate the Scottish Terrier as I do would find me to be somewhat silly, but.....

In reading the history of the little brave Scottie dog, it is stated that farmers bred these dogs to guard their flocks of sheep as they grazed in pastures and fields far from the farmer's home. Sometimes the dog would be left to the sheep, alone for two or three days without seeing his human.

These photos only serve to spark my imagination...The colors are so beautiful and the scenery is SPLENDID! I can almost envision sheep and their brave guardian on these hills!

Jackie said...

Those are beautiful pictures - and I love the colour of the sea (ie not grey!).