Friday, November 23, 2007

Transport modes

Taken from the same spot as yesterday, two forms of transport of quite different speeds.

The aircraft is a Ryanair jet, one of the low-cost airlines which have come to the fore recently. How low-cost is a matter of conjecture since everything 'extra' is an added cost. The latest humorous comment on Ryanair is they are about to charge for "emotional baggage" as well.


Katya said...

That is pretty funny! I love the comments regarding the airline...sounds like they are taking their lead from cellular phone companies! Verizon Wireless is the joke here. They want fees for extra services every time one turns around!

Guess the "slow boat" would offer some interesting adventures and probably be less costly?

One of the things that I am loving about your photos are the "blues". Even though the sky isn't intensely blue, the colors of the sky and water are very beautiful and offer a diverse pallette.

Jackie said...

I've never flown on Ryanair (although I have been on several of the other low-cost airlines). I guess mainly because I live much nearer Glasgow Airport than Prestwick, but I think the "emotional baggage" joke is closer to reality than people realise and I'm no fan of their business image, which strikes me as rather arrogant.