Friday, November 30, 2007

Rare visitor

Hi folks, I'm back from a successful, if somewhat damp, bird-watching trip. I'll post a couple of photographs once they are all downloaded. Meanwhile, we had a visitor to our own bird table at home this morning. Apologies for the slight blurring, but I was taking these with the big lens hand-held and I'm not as steady as I once was. You'll note how different the colour seems depending on the magnification and angle of the shot - it is the same animal each time.


Sorlil said...

I was about to ask which is it: Red or Grey...but then I saw your label!

Katya said...

Welcome back from your birding expedition! Cannot wait to see your photos! (Did you see my little woodpecker I used for Wordless Wednesday?)

An Honest Man said...

Not many bird photographs I'm afraid - the weather was not that good and the birds tended to be distant - binoculars and scopes were the order of the day.